Harvest Thins

Curb cravings with these savoury, plant-based, protein-packed snacks. Available in convenient 100 calorie individual packs, Harvest Thins in Thai Sweet Chilli flavour allow you to indulge the heathier way. Ideal for those with dairy sensitivities, these vegan friendly snacks are perfect for kicking the chip habit without sacrificing flavour.

Values & Benefits

  • Snack Smart

    It’s easy to consume empty calories quickly when you’re not snacking smart. Whey Thins and Harvest Thins are portion-controlled protein snacks designed to satisfy hunger between meals and support weight loss and lean muscle maintenance.

  • Delicious

    With Cheddar Whey Thins containing 10 grams of protein per serve and dairy-free Harvest Thins in Thai Sweet Chilli flavour containing 11 grams of protein per serve, there's no shortage of options, no matter your dietary requirements or taste preference. These savoury, protein-packed snacks are sure to help you kick the chip habit for good!

  • Convenient

    Whether you need a quick snack on the go or need a savoury option for Cleanse days, Whey Thins and Harvest Thins are conveniently packaged in single serve bags with just 100 calories.



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