Personal Trainer Performing at his Peak

Shannon Marsters 

As one of four children raised by a single mother, Shannon felt that he was forced to grow up earlier than most. At 14, he found a job to help support his family but after a number of years, he believed he was missing out on so much of his young life. Shannon made the decision to leave home, however he began to live an unhealthy lifestyle which took control of his mood, his actions and his happiness.

After an extended amount of time living an unhealthy lifestyle, Shannon began a career in personal training to support his own growing family. In 2014, trying to cope with stress, exhaustion and pressure he found himself putting on weight and his attitude worsened. “As a PT I needed to have a positive attitude and body image,” shares Shannon. “I was contradicting everything I was supposed to represent to my clients.” It was around this time that Shannon’s sister-in-law introduced him to Isagenix®.


Shannon started his Isagenix journey and also enrolled in his first IsaBody Challenge® right away. “I had always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Shannon. ”I was in the best shape of my life by the end of the Challenge but I wanted to not only maintain my results but improve even more. I was blown away by my results. It really does show just what you can achieve with the right nutrition and exercise.”


“I was so impressed that Isagenix allowed me to train my body to become cardio fit while gaining muscle at the same time and helped me to achieve my goals, which I never thought possible. I encourage all my friends, family and clients to give Isagenix a go!”